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A simple way to figure out what keywords to focus on when you are developing a new product or service. I will show you my 3-step process that helps me organize and refine all of my research into a manageable and usable strategy so that you can copy my technique and use it to manage your own successful marketing campaigns Exactly how to figure out which websites are true competitors that you should continue to research and which ones should you skip altogether!

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Learn how to map out the internal linking structure of your site so that you can funnel visitors correctly through the site to your sales page Discover how to make Google trust your site with a few clicks How to easily create a sitemap for your website and exactly what to include and how often you need to update it Find out how to organize the content of your site in a user friendly way so that your visitors can more easily find content! Hold on tight while we dive into the following: How to organize the content of your site for the user How to know when to use a subdomain How to use re-directs corrrectly How to create SEO friendly URLs How to know when to use a folder or a subdomain How to know when to create a microsite..

Learn how to setup your profiles on the social media accounts the right way Discover how to make your profile stand out Facebook Page or Personal Profile? Discover how to use both the right way! I will share with you the 4 essential characteristics every social media profile must have! Find out what other social media sites you need to be on in order to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site I am going to share with you my personal favorite site for social media.

Learn what site to use as the standard if you are selling a physical product online. Get started by learning how to evaluate a link so that you can know if a link is a high quality link or not! Discover how to evaluate your current resources for untapped linking opportunities Learn how to leverage your monthly expenses into traffic to your site Find out how to get published in the media… the right way!

I am going to reveal the exact sites I use for press releases and how I use them Want to learn content marketing? I am going to show you how you can come up with amazing ideas for content marketing!

Advanced Keyword Research: Four Tactics You're (Probably) Not Using |

Learn how to repurpose your content so that you can be sure to use your marketing budget to get the highest ROI possible. Learn what tools I use to have instant communication with my virtual team Find out what tool I use to manage all of my projects and make sure that every person is on the same page. In this step by step digital training I will show you how we map out a monthly project.

Grab the New Client Launch Worksheet and use it on yourself and your own site!

Discover my time management secrets… after all I am a mom of 7 kids! Discover what team member you need to hire first. Find out what qualities you should look for in a team member before hiring someone. Learn my step by step hiring process I am going to share with you the absolute best sites to find new team members Learn what projects you can outsource and what projects are Business Owner Activities Discover my motto… a business owner has TWO jobs… Increase Revenue and Implement Systems! So if you want me to hold your hand and walk you through the entire process of:.

Creating a step by step blueprint that will generate you the results you have always dreamed of Show you exactly what still works and what you can stop doing now A proven method of content creation that will drive traffic to your site. You have until April the 4th to sign up and get a massive list of awesome extras…. You are going to get my step-by-step system for creating your very own 7 Figure Marketing Blueprint.

How to Conduct Keyword Research for Ecommerce from the Ground Up

Here are a few comments from students of our previous courses, Inner Circle Members, clients and friends! The mentoring and information provided by Nicole has provided me with the confidence I needed to move my business to the next level. Thanks Nicole!

FREE Keyword Research for SEO in 2019 (3-Step 100% Working Blueprint)

Thanks for everything. I highly recommend her course! I would recommend her and her team for high quality results. She has developed a great team of outsourcers, projects are always timely and she has exceeded my expectations on numerous occasions. It has been remarkable to watch her business grow the past year. As a coach for internet marketers I help people identify their obstacles and discuss ways to eliminate said obstacle.

It has been a huge help to be able to have Nicole and her business as a resource for my clients.

What is Keyword Research?

She and her staff really know what they are doing and do a fantastic job. I highly recommend Nicole Munoz. Not only was the work done efficiently and professionally but, after three months, the new site started to out-rank my main site for some top keywords.

This is great value for money. Her knowledge and energy are really hard to match. I would entrust her with my SEO efforts without much hesitation. Thank you very much for your time! Nicole is so far ahead of the curve. And she lays it all out in clear, easy, step-by-step education. Or she does it all for you. You choose. Why Should You Trust Me?

Nicole Munoz – 7 Figure Marketing Blueprint

If you are on this page, you probably know about me. Aggregate Rating. USD Available in Stock. You want the best information available when it comes to keywords, even if you have to pay for it. SEM Rush is the best way to locate lucrative niches and the keywords that will give you control over them. SEM Rush provides query information for 40 million keywords, delivering results from at least 20 million domain names.

You can easily rank specific keywords and phrases based on how high the competition is for any give term, or by any number of different criteria. Employing sophisticated algorithms to deliver up-to-date information on any keyword, SEM Rush is arguably the best keyword tool on the market today. While they offer a stripped-down free version, the paid version is well worth the extra cost.

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Recent improvements include a new database with suggestions for users in the UK, focused specifically on UK English. SEOMoz Pro is an on-page Optimisation powerhouse, giving users data on practically every aspect of their chosen websites. One great feature is Crawl Diagnostics, which serves up automatic reports on server errors, client errors, and redirect errors. It also delivers traffic statistics, relevant bounce and click-through rates, and link analysis.

SEOMoz is one of the best ways to gather information on relative and absolute website health and performance without having to rely on a grab bag of separate tools. The extensive graphical presentation capabilities of SEOMoz Pro allow you to fire up charts and visual representations of information on the fly for quick comparisons. SEOMoz Pro has more features than you can shake a stick at, or fully describe in a paragraph or two. Alongside keyword research, link building is another one of the obvious cornerstones of proper SEO.

But it would be a mistake to label Majestic as just another web analytics software tool. Majestic has a number of handy features that make it a worthy addition to your marketing war chest. Capable of tracking referrals, analysing the click-through rates of differing anchor text, and organising data on backlink effectiveness, Majestic puts you on the right track towards maximising your conversion rate. Majestic is particularly well suited to tracking referrals from specific websites, giving you more pertinent information on who is giving you link karma.

In addition to its many backlink analysis capabilities, Majestic offers a number of convenient ways to export your data for further study. One such feature is a handy export-to-CSV function that makes creating spreadsheets and charts a snap. When it comes to tracking backlinks, Majestic SEO one of the best options available.

Advanced Web Rankings uses proxy servers to gauge the relative strength of your websites, delivering results in real time. More specifically, AWR allows you to see how well your sites rank for hundreds if not thousands of specific keywords and search terms.

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Tracking the everyday changes of your standings in the results pages is a lot easier with Advanced Web Rankings, thanks to its intuitive user interface and manageable functionality. In other words, the learning curve with AWR is shallow enough for you to be up and running in under an hour.

Any SEO consultant worth his or her salt uses a master management program to oversee their various campaigns. Juggling all of your promotional efforts without a dedicated SEO management suite is difficult at best.