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From the first cooing sounds your infant makes in response to a tickle to the first words of toddlerhood Da-da! Between the ages of 18 and 36 months, language growth occurs very quickly: babbling becomes more deliberate in tone, and children literally learn new words every day. Your young toddler might pick up a toy phone and mimic the same rise and fall that occurs in your own conversational patterns.

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She really sounds like she is saying something! During this time, your child may also begin to combine words and use short sentences like, "More juice? Your child may talk about "yesterday night" or about who "goed" to the park, but sophisticated conceptual thinking dependent upon language has emerged and is here to stay. Being a witness to this miracle, however, comes with tremendous responsibility.

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The language growth children accomplish during these first few years has a lifelong impact, and children cannot progress without the nurturing, guidance, and modeling of appropriate language use by the adults around them. Word knowledge is among the most critical pieces of language development. Children who acquire a substantial vocabulary are often able to think more deeply, express themselves better, and learn new things more quickly. They are also very likely to be successful not only learning to read, but also in reading at or above grade level throughout their school years.

Research shows that children who reach school age with smaller vocabularies, less depth in prior knowledge and background experiences, and fewer experiences with hearing stories and exploring with print are more likely to have significant problems in learning to read. We know now that if we boost children's language and literacy experiences early in life, later difficulties can be alleviated or even avoided.

Conversation's Deep Link to Print Most of our daily conversations draw from a vocabulary bank of no more than 3, words, yet the average adult knows upwards of 20, That richness comes from print. Therefore, it is critical that children are exposed to print early on - right from birth! Young children are naturally drawn to books, perhaps sensing intuitively that they contain images and ideas that are all about their world. In , my parents, Orthodox Jews who married later in life, were having trouble conceiving.

My father was part of a large family that took seriously the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. My mother, nearing 40, was desperate to have a child. They went to the now long-defunct Farris Institute for Parenthood near the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

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There was a commonly used term for this: confused artificial insemination. Confused is right.

Back then, the medical establishment took great pains to allow couples to believe what they wanted about what they were doing. Couples were told to have sex before and after the procedure to further the sense that the often completely sterile husband could be the father. Once a woman had become pregnant, the couple might be told that her blood levels showed she must have already been pregnant when she first came to the institute, furthering the possibility that two otherwise rational people could bury the truth from their family, their friends and themselves.

The trauma and shame surrounding infertility was intense. In , a court ruled that donor insemination constituted adultery on the part of the woman, whether or not the husband had granted consent. Nine years earlier, TIME ran a story about the legal status of donor-conceived children with the lacerating title Artificial Bastards? Records were heavily coded, then destroyed. Sperm donors were guaranteed anonymity.

It seemed fail-safe that the procedure would remain forever secret. The idea of a future in which DNA results would become easily accessible through a popular test would have been unimaginable. Now advances in the field of assisted reproduction are also far beyond what could have been imagined at the time of my birth. In vitro fertilization, surrogacy, donor eggs, cryogenic technology and the capacity to test embryos for genetic markers have allowed many more of us—straight or gay, married or single—to make families.

Though science has evolved at a stunning rate, the human capacity to understand and wisely use those advances has limped along. The secret that was kept from me for 54 years had practical effects that were both staggering and dangerous: I gave incorrect medical history to doctors all my life. When my son was an infant, he was stricken with a rare and often fatal seizure disorder.

There was a possibility it was genetic.

I confidently told his pediatric neurologist that there was no family history of seizures. Surprise Ride offers an educational monthly subscription for ages Activities are a surprise and center around a theme like food, outer space, geography, art and more.

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