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She introduces Cecilia to a charming rogue and the stranger, whose commanding and inscrutable presence both disturbs and captivates her. Amidst London balls and country house parties, Cecilia must wade through false assumptions, betrayals, and revenge to reclaim the man she loves. Get A Copy. Published August 23rd first published December 6th More Details A Gentleman's Daughter 1. Other Editions 2.

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Fun clean read. I love the time era and have a hard time finding good clean love stories in it, so WAHOO this is a good one!!! View all 3 comments. And it was a kindle freebie! A Gentleman's Daughter: Her Choice is a wonderful story! Cecilia is a great character. She's a young woman with the chance to marry for love.

Her mother has a habit of pushing her towards all the available men, making it hard for her to choose. When her childhood crush comes back into the picture Cecilia is no longer sure she knows what love is. I was glued to this book! Everytime I thought I had figured out who Cecila was best suited with something would happen to change my mind. I loved the ending!

Reina Williams sure knows how to build up the suspense!!

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View 1 comment. This was a free Kindle download and I paid too much. Life is not all "breezes and birdsong" for Cecilia Wilcox, although, at the start of the nineteenth century-era novel, it does seem like it must be. She's grown up in the country and looks forward to a visit to London. Her home is particularly lovely - and lovingly described - as a largely "luminescent landscape.

To my delight, this story - taking place in a time and place so oft used as setting - is set in a slightly different world from the usual realm of scheming blue bloods. There are drawing rooms, and even balls. Of course, Cecilia has the typical challenge of the day: Marriage. And it's not like there aren't possibilities - but the strongest possibilities are not exactly the ones we find ourselves hoping for. Cecilia's days are hardly spent ordering around the servants, and the people she knows have good, honest goals.

When 'Ret comes so charmingly into the picture Surely, it cannot be that this man, no matter how attractive, is meant for Cecilia? Is he too much of a gentleman, older, more formal And yet then there is that about him that made me wonder. Is he more daring than I might have believed? Or, perhaps, somehow worse Does he have a rather mean streak?

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Whether or not 'Ret is the man I suspected - or perhaps feared - keeps me guessing. Then there is the dashing Thornhill, and other potential suitors, which makes this a page-turner. The marriage-market is stressful and unpredictable and so much fun. Conversational style reflects the era, is mostly charming, and moves the story right along.

However, back story occasionally slows the pace - some of the past interactions of characters might have been better presented in conversation. Family issues, like Cecelia getting along with her Mom, and the comments of Mrs. Partridge and others, are all so incredibly real and believable, you will feel the same frustration many a young woman has with the opinions of the older!

The 'rules of society' can seem so ancient, and pointless! Surprise features highly here, too: there are a number of twists and turns that are completely unpredictable and all the better for that. Overall, this entire work is so very nicely presented. Williams weaves words into enchanting prose paintings, until every reader will imagine wandering arm-in-arm with a best friend, through fields full of blossoms.

This is not always the fastest-paced novel, but savoring the moments can be wonderful, too. Historical romance readers should put this right at the top of their list.

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I am loving this book! So reminiscent of a Georgette Hyer!

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I adored this book! My best friend pointed me in the direction of Georgette Hyer, and I can't wait to point her in the direction of Reina Williams! This was a wonderfully heartfelt tale of a naive 18 year old girl on her first season in London. I realize a lot of people don't believe in the innocence that Miss Cecelia portrayed, but they are wrong. I loved her sheer innocence and naivety simply because I was there when I was 18 as well.

I I am loving this book! I loved the feeling of bantering with certain boys, but wasn't looking for that kind to marry. It was refreshing to have a heroine who trusted her father and obeyed him. It was also refreshing to have the hero so significantly flawed that you really didn't know if you wanted to trust him or not. Most of the time you fall in love with the male lead, but in this book there are several and none of them are very worthy of adoration. I was truly surprised by the ending. I had put a few things about the intrigues together, but not all of it.

Honestly, it blew me away! It was also very refreshing to read a book that kept to the "old" style of grammar, without fail.

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I truly felt that I was living in the time period, feeling the oppressiveness of the London air, the wonderful freshness of the grounds surrounding Lionel Hall. I could picture the dresses perfectly, but she still left enough to your imagination to make it fun and interesting.

I felt Cecelia's confusion, heartbreak, and outrage, as well as her uncertainty. Though her mother was a shrew that almost bordered on hateful I can't stand when people blame their kids for things that they had no control over , after reading the ending I know understand and have changed my opinion of the woman.

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