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After the wedding, the pair headed to India, where Jonas met Chopra's family and spent time with the actress's mother on Friday, June 22, according to People. At this time, they started making frequent appearances in each other's Instagram stories, solidifying their relationship. Jonas got down on one knee and popped the question in Crete, Greece, where he waited until after midnight on Chopra's birthday July 18 to propose. Chopra was speechless.

People broke the story first, sharing a quote from a source that "[Jonas's] friends and family have never seen him like this, and they're all really excited for him. He's definitely very serious about her. Super casual. Peecee and I getting our pouts in order! The world got its first glance at her new rock when Chopra's friend and actress Raveena Tandon posted two photos that clearly showed a huge ring on a very important finger.

The couple finally confirmed their engagement in Instagram posts of themselves dressed in traditional Indian attire. With all my heart and soul.. Jonas shared the same image, but with the caption, "Future Mrs. My heart. My love. Prayer, family and loved ones as the foundation to this new chapter. Their first red carpet appearance as a newly engaged couple was in New York at the Ralph Lauren 50th anniversary fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Ralph Lauren, as you recall, had a big hand in connecting them, so it's only fitting.

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At the event, they posed for the same photographer who took Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement photos. What an amazing honour to get to photograph all these amazing people in one night!

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Thank you Ralph and all the team!!! For the occasion, she wore a white strapless feathered Marchesa dress while raising a glass with A-list friends like Lupita Nyong'o and Kelly Ripa. Setting sail Chopra kept the feathered theme going when she headed out for her bachelorette party in Amsterdam.

Priyanka shared a picture of the crew "setting sail," and you can re-live the whole event, as Priyanka's friends documented the festivities with the hashtag pcsbachelorette. The best part? The words of advice Jonas's mom gave her, which she posted below. Jonas also set sail on a massive yacht for his bachelor party. While the location has never been revealed, he gifted his groomsmen custom electric scooters.

That said, it seemed to be a low-key albeit rather sponsored affair.

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Keep it classy. Welcome home baby In Pics: priyankachopra and nickjonas go all desi for a Puja held at Chopra's residence today. Chopra and Jonas wore "Desi" garments for the puja, a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony prior to the nuptials. One of the most special things that our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other's faiths and cultures.

And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing. An important part of the pre wedding rituals for the girl in an Indian wedding is the Mehendi. Once again we made it our own and it was an afternoon that kicked off the celebrations in the way we both dreamed. Chopra shared images from the Mehendi ceremony, a pre-wedding celebration where henna designs are applied to the bride's hands and feet.

An important part of the pre wedding rituals for the girl in an Indian wedding is the Mehendi," she wrote on Instagram. Their Sangeet, or a musical celebration involving dance performances by family members, was pretty next-level. Chopra's photos from the evening feature an immense stage design, gorgeous colors, and multiple performances. Nick and I were looking forward to the Sangeet musical evening , another pre wedding ritual.. And what a performance it was.

Each family telling our stories through song and dance, filled with lots of laughter and love. We were both filled with gratitude for the effort, the love and the laughter and will carry the memories of this special evening for the rest of our lives. It is an amazing start to a lifetime of togetherness for our families and friends Once upon a fairytale Chopra and Jonas's big day was held at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, a massive venue with 26 acres of land overlooking the city, as well as a throne room, multiple banquet halls, a library, a museum, a spa, and more.

Book Excerpt - "A New American Family: A Love Story" by Peter Likins

The entire bridal party wore custom looks by Ralph Lauren, who normally only designs bridalwear for his own family members. He made an exception since he was involved in their love story. Chopra's gown featured a high-neck collar, scalloped sleeves, a piece of her mother-in-law's wedding dress, and 2,, mother-of-pearl sequins. In addition, the bride's tulle veil was an incredible 75 feet long. So you have to re-create that.

When you have the responsibility of creating a narrative of the lives of enslaved people, you have no choice. This demanded a lot of different angles to develop even a modicum of a picture of who these people are. Memory, family relationships, what families pass down—these are just as important, and we need to connect to them as much as we can to draw pictures of people and how they lived. Things happen to her that make her different from other enslaved women. To go to another country, where people speak another language and learn to communicate in it, to see the things she saw, shaped her personality.

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Most enslaved people, especially women, are portrayed as passive—things are done to them. Sally was a person who acted. From what we know about her, she had real preferences about how her life would go, and acted on that. In the end, it worked out for her. But she and her family knew Jefferson in ways we never will.

My suggestion is, her actions, and those of her siblings, give some sense of what they knew about him. Her son Madison says she implicitly relied on his promises. I look at that, and it gives me all kinds of problems: God, what do you mean? But I have to have enough humility, respect and trust to step back and realize she and her family really knew this man. And since it worked out, she was evidently right. People have very high expectations of love.

I expect to see all kinds of emotions popping up within any enduring human framework—and slavery was an ongoing institution, this was a slave society. He clearly had deep affection for her brothers and family. Look at his wife.

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In 10 years she was pregnant six or seven times, and each time it nearly killed her. Finally, it did. Now, I know he loved her.

But doctors told people even then, and Jefferson was smart enough to know this, that they had to do something else, space the pregnancies farther apart. We encounter him first as a young boy capturing mockingbirds for Jefferson, then as a teenager off in Richmond by himself working as a traveling valet. When he writes to tell James to meet him, James defies that, and goes to see his family first. He knew he could do that and not suffer for it; like the rest of his family, he knew Jefferson well.

Then he goes to France with Jefferson and is trained as a chef. It was hardly typical for an enslaved black man to live this way, with that kind of autonomy, to master an important profession, to experience France. But his life ends tragically.