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I mean, in what industry would two weeks be slow? Honestly asking. Maybe food service or retail? But even then, I could see two weeks being standard or something, but slow? And I think in most industries, being hired two weeks after applying is extremely fast. For my current job, there were about two business days between the time I applied and the time I was called for an interview.

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The day after my interview, I had an offer pending drug test and background check , and I started two weeks after that. Right, but that seems like an exception, not an industry where the standard is much faster than two weeks. That was seriously lightening-round hiring — screened resumes for one week, had a few days of back-to-back multiple interviews a day on week 2, three second-round interviews the following week, and decision made at the end of week 3. Education K can be very quick, depending on the time of year. I went from application to offer including an interview and a demo lesson in six days at one school.

That being said, though, I would still describe weeks as a totally normal wait time in education.

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Just curious, what about immediate hiring or applications that move fast? Depends on the industry and why the position is open. An administrative department in my organization used to go through administrative assistants at a pace of about 1. That would concern me. Depends on the reason for the fast move and why the position is open. I have a great team that rapidly grew over an month time period, and I did have to hire for them quickly because they were short-staffed with the new business.

The one that would is the department who went through an average of 1. We will also move more quickly with a candidate who is ideal for the job. I have one that is particularly hard to fill because of the degree requirements and got a truly fantastic candidate for it. Considering that the department is rarely unanimous in their thoughts on a candidate, that everyone loved this one was a big deal. Sorry about that. My current job is part-time contract copy-editing. I got it by accident — there was no job posting; I had no connections to the company.


I had an offer letter in email hours later. So, yeah. I can see it going both ways. So… 6 weeks all in. For some positions, my HR people get literally hundreds of resumes for a single job. We tend to screen people and bring in the strongest to meet with the team. My SIL got contacted by a company he applied to in December just a few days ago; he has long since accepted a great job.

I was once offered a job and immediately quit my previous job, to escape a toxic workplace. They were a satellite location and terrible at coordinating new hires. It was an awful month of unemployment, and I worried about the actual validity of the job at all! Fortunately it did come through, but it was a big red flag. And that paperwork took… about a week.

Obviously YMMV and not all states are the same, but six weeks seems like a redonkulously long time. Yes, it takes time and it can take even more than it did in your state. It may be time to contact them again. Sure they might be annoyed, but a month with no contact is ridiculous. Although I left the job before he started studying, so we remained friends. How unusual is it to be Facebook friends with your manager? My new manager friended me and everyone else in the department. I am a bit leery of Facebook in general and had it hammered into me that you never ever friend your manager so I turned her down and explained why.

Never attending would mark me as cold and I unfriendly around here. Nevertheless, the line you drew is reasonable in most places. My then-manager friended me many years ago, and I accepted. I thought it would be awkward not to, since I knew my co-workers were accepting plus, we were working at a news organization, and using social media was becoming part of the job at the time, though not necessarily using personal accounts.

It kind of amazes me about my friends who bitch about their jobs on social media!

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No, she was not seriously going to kill her boss. She was just mad and announced it to the world. Yep, this. It was expected and unremarkable in my industry, even before we started using social media so much. And I handle it exactly the way you do. I post nothing overtly political, nothing controversial. No drunken party pics even if there were such a thing.


No reposting or referencing anything that would expose family drama. And though I play a few Facebook games, I have my settings locked down tight so they never post to my page.

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Same thing with my Twitter and Insta, though I did set up a second, private account for the latter. If I had it to do over again, I would have established a work Facebook and a personal Facebook. But alea iacta est. I work for a nonprofit, so being personally engaged with the organization is definitely considered a norm and wanting to draw a strict line between Facebook and work would read more as odd. Although, when I left the last organization that was horribly toxic, it was kind of cathartic and happy making to unfriend all of my coworkers.

Super, super awk and so inappropriate.

https://sofbipennii.tk At my current job, most people in my department — including some of the managers — are Facebook friends with one another. I was kind of afraid he would be mad if I declined, though, so I added him. I feel like my story is probably the exception to the rule. Other than ex-boss, none of my former team members are still at my company. Now, I could fill a novel on all the issues being facebook friends with my family members has caused.

Chapter 1, My Mom. It tends to be a conversation starter if anything — a way to connect to the humans who we work with.

Colleagues are on it.