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Two brothers arrested in shooting of year-old Tangipahoa Parish man. Baton Rouge man guilty in slaying of longtime girlfriend; boy testifies at trial.

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Baton Rouge man killed in crash on I in St. James Parish.

Photos, video: Rawls Reef installed off Louisiana coast to bring back lost marine habitat. Photos: Exciting Week 4 of Baton Rouge-area prep football action. Most Popular. Solving hydration issues with MyHy sports drink Gov. Check out Week 4 high school football scores. Facets of Faith: Michael W. Smith to perform 35 years of favorites at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church.

Baton Rouge Local Events. Email us to reserve your spot at info batonrougegreen. The event will take place next Saturday, December 15 th. All other times and locations will be the same. I grew up here and over the years, there has been so much growth and development. Baton Rouge Green has an important role sustaining our community trees and green spaces. Search for: Search Search. Baton Rouge Green E Mayor Broome has publicly declared this date Arbor Day for the past two years of her administration.

For more information about the tree giveaway, see batonrougegreen. Sanders added that residents in the area can contact MCRA for more information. White Oak Planted at St. Three classes of St. Jean Vianney students also attended and helped bless the tree. Choctaw Drive Volunteers will be provided breakfast, tools and instructions.

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Help ShareTheFruit! This is a bizarre post, Rev Wazoo. The same type of people who are running the public schools will be running the public health monopoly.

Funding is not the issue. The NYC schools receive far, far more money than any European system. The US government, at any level, will be trusted by no one to run our health system, nor should they be. Yeah, we recently had an all Republican administration create a tax cut. I think the right answer for the Medicare for All advocates is simply: the same way we paid for the tax cut.

There is such a thing as scale. That supposes that the government actually owns your labor capacity and lets you keep a cut as they see fit. Do you have a right to your labor capacity? Part two would be throwing some public money at the drug companies before they figure out ways to grow millionaires and billionaires on top of the pills they make.

Part three would be to somehow get rid of the vast majority of health insurance companies and workers and just have health care. This is truly tangential to the article under discussion anyway.

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May she find peace and well-being in this life. I imagine I would have lasted a spectacular 20 hours or less in her shoes. Would be an interesting experience though, to put it blandly. It wont save a penny. Fair enough, Jin Molnar, and some of your ideas, admittedly rough as they are, have some real merit; certainly there are many ways health-care costs in America can be reduce. Changing how health care is created and charged for is another issue and an order of magnitude more difficult but still worth examining with your suggestions under consideration. How it is paid for, however, is amenable to benchmarking and adopting best practices with decades of track record.

Again, there can be good arguments against this method but this is at least a real, doable proposal. States are useful as test beds for policies. Let the Democrats show us how it can be done in one state before trying to force it on the rest of us. Do you really think the kids described in this article should be trusted with trade school equipment? There would be a lot of bad accidents. Those were better behaved kids than the ones in this article.

Money, new facilities, advanced degrees for the teachers — none of that will make any difference. A depressing look at the reality of urban schools. I was a little perplexed at the sudden jump to the conclusion that it was all about lowered expectations; as well as the initial assertion that the problem is easy to fix, but then never explaining why this would be easy.

Undoubtedly lowered expectations are an issue, but there are others. Discipline lack of is a serious problem. If one of my kids was in trouble at school, they would also be in serious trouble at home and they know that. Poor grades result in punishment. These are values that are common place in suburban schools, most of which have almost none of the issues described in this story. By contrast, I knew a teacher who worked in an urban school just a 15 minute drive from us, and she described conditions quite a bit like those experienced by the author.

The politics of education is excruciating, and politics, being what it is, offers no easy fix. The saddest thing to me is that even those kids who might want to learn and excel in school cannot do so due to the disruption and peer pressure brought to bear by kids who have no business being allowed in school, but who are tolerated by administrators.

What a tragedy. The beginning of this assault on standards began some years ago when Jesse Jackson took his entourage to Peoria IL to protest the fact that black boys were more frequently suspended from school. That was long before Obama but was a forecast of what was coming. Willie Brown, when he was Speaker of the Assembly in CA, once proposed a law that all blacks admitted to the UC system be guaranteed graduation. UC is making so much money from Chinese students that they would probably take precedence,. Hudson and Editors, Why have you refused to state the obvious? The problem described here is rampant anti-intellectualism in black American households, multiplied fold by racist black administrators and bureaucrats.

Henry Johnson, Harlem soldier and forgotten WWI hero

Quillette should not tolerate this kind of evasion. Fixed that for you. And WHY do you use White??? In most of the cities that are being talked about there are few Whites. Many have Black Mayors. You have to get into State politicians to get to Whites. This is a Black Culture problem! Only they can fix it. Education is too important to let it be controlled by government. Politicians, bureaucrats, teacher unions with privileges, inept teachers a good teacher, a good person, would not keep pretending he is actually teaching in such an environment!

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It is time for a new abolitionism: free the minds of children, by abolishing state-schooling. A wonderful article. However I agree with Cornfed that this problem does not seem easily fixed. How many students could realistically be cajoled into achieving the new standards?

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  5. I think you would have wave after wave of graduating classes with very few diplomas awarded. This would be seen as intolerable to the higher-ups, who care ultimately about nothing more than the bottom line I teach in the CUNY system and have learned this about administrators. I think the best that can be done might be a breaking away from the public school system of those families who are determined to adhere to a strict educational model, as is this case with many charter schools such as Success Academy in New York, which returns test scores vastly superior to those from even very wealthy and largely white districts.

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