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What structural lessons can you learn by observing nature? Antoni Gaudi made waves in by designing the Basilica de Sagrada Familia using structures that mimic the tree branches.

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These branches of varying length reach towards the ceiling of the Basilica to form fractals in the center, and this innovative design eliminated the need for the common form of flying buttresses seen often in gothic architecture. Gaudi was a pioneer in architectural design using these unique geometric designs inspired by nature. Fractals are geometric, repeated, never-ending patterns found everywhere in nature from flowers to ice crystals.

They are found by examining the foundational structures in nature. Can you find fractals in your school or home?

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How many can you find? What do you notice? Designed by Antoni Gaudi in What if you could design a structure to exist with the functions of a living creature? The tubular structures extending from the bulbous shape allow for natural light to enter the museum. Designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in What kind of natural systems and processes can you identify in nature?

Biomimicry - Innovation inspired by nature

In the BIQ building, in Hamburg, panels filled with microalgae line the outside of the building to absorb sunlight, perform photosynthesis, and produce heat that is used to heat water in the building. Showing Products. Quick View. Lenor Silk Tree Blossom Fabric Conditioner Enjoy the light-hearted and innocent idea of getting closer to nature that can turn your day into a flowery dance with the new Lenor Silk Tree Blossom.

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About Lenor Lenor History. Cathal O'Connell is a science writer based in Melbourne. Looking for more science?

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Click here to see our subscription options. Click here to see our gift options. Recommended for you. Taking technology cues from nature From viruses to cochlears, the evolving relationship between biology and engineering. Turbine blades inspired by owls Wind turbine blades make less noise when modified with an owlish design.

Biomimetic design: 10 examples of nature inspiring technology

Inspired by nature. Popular Today. Latest Stories. Sign up. The hive mind is helping the way we use power across the grid.

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    Andy A. The burdock improves distribution of its seeds using tiny hooks.

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