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Neither of them had been in high spirits yesterday. The impure can neither stand nor sit with purity. But this is a monster and neither a man nor a father! Neither could I do without them. Neither the hand nor a single muscle of the count's face stirred.

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Neither has a bathing suit. No, neither death nor anything else can destroy it. Pierre gave no answer, for he neither heard nor saw anything. When he continued to stare at her, she added, "And neither am I. Neither can we see the cruel bears, for they also eat the fruit. Neither of us believed that to be the case. Neither stones nor people? Neither Martha nor I knew what details Howie knew of the event.

But neither of us suggested a remedy for calming things down. He neither saw nor understood anything of the sort. Natasha neither saw nor heard her. Of course, neither had her father - until that night. Neither am I. You turned me down, remember.

Neither of us mentioned the subject since we left New Hampshire. Neither the boy nor the girl spoke again for some minutes. Neither sorrow nor regret followed my passionate outburst. They are neither fit for war nor peace! Neither men nor toadstools grow so. Neither cared to begin talking. The window was open, assuring her it was neither cold nor raining. A brief search of the house yielded neither man.

Neither mate can have someone else on the side. Neither was willing to bargain with me for your life. His tone was neither harsh nor teasing. Neither was sure what to say. Neither wanted to retrace their steps to investigate. Neither of them lawyers had a problem with me either. But neither one of us gave a flying fish. Lydia Larkin had led Dean in with neither exchanging a word. He knew neither her name nor anything about her.

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Neither Deidre ever understood that. Something neither of us does well. The demon lord did neither. Neither had told him what exactly it was.

Neither Coming nor Going

Darkyn didn't move, and neither did Gabriel. Neither was more guilty than the other. With her, money was neither an advantage nor a handicap. Neither your domain nor mine. Neither of them found any trace of what Darkyn sought. Neither tried to explain their answers.

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Neither of us has a choice about being together. Neither , he decided, was his past.

Neither Kris nor Sasha was capable of mercy or empathy. For that sake, neither was he. Despite being brothers, neither approved of what the other did. And neither was Kris. You are neither of them. Neither worked, so Evelyn let her talk and hugged her hard. When neither responded, she returned to a safe subject. Neither Fred nor Cynthia had a ready answer. Places neither of us has ever been together.

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Neither of the Deans disagreed. Neither Gladys nor Edith emerged from their quarters. I'm worried about Claire. Neither said a word as the hall clock began striking midnight. Neither did I. The jerk managed to do that himself. Neither Shipton appeared to consider tidiness a high priority. However, neither entirely believed the pronouncement. Neither one of them had any place or anybody to turn to. Neither of them could bear to say the word vampire.

He knew he could do neither , so gently took her hand. Neither wanted to break their embrace. You know, neither of us has ever known a werewolf.

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Neither would ever question nor gossip about their bosses. Neither spoke on the way. Neither wished to share their special songs with anyone else. Neither of which she could afford. All of which is neither here nor there.