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Slytherincess Slytherincess k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Who said it took him 13 years to figure out? He didn't have a servant to perform the ritual before then. Kevin - Also, he wants Harry to be the instrument of his resurrection.

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It took him a good while to arrange that. Kevin - he had Qirrell and wants to use Harry's blood after he learns about the protection that lies in it. First, he was a ghost in Albania, with no access to, or ability to use, the wand thanks alexwlchan for the quote : I was as powerless as the weakest creature alive, and without the means to help myself… for I had no body, and every spell that might have helped me required the use of a wand GoF That takes care of all but 4 of those "thirteen" years you mentioned - he only met Quirrell the year before Harry was to attend Hogwarts. Then, he didn't have access to his father's bones Then after he met Quirrell, he may have had some means to get his father's bones I like this answer.

Could he have reconnected with Voldemort while he was on the lam from Ron in PoA , or even when he was Percy or Ron's pet at the Burrow? After all, he had to find time, as well, to salvage Voldemort's wand from the wreckage of the Potters' house; JKR does not specify when this occurred, as least as far as I know.

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Do correct me if I'm wrong. Am I forgetting a major quote that states when Wormtail actually reconnected with Voldemort? Slytherincess - given that he traveled as a rat , I'm not sure he had enough time to travel all the way to Albania and back during the year. So I'm guessing that was after final escape. DVK -- I think you're probably right. I ask only because there was a question about me making assumptions, and I want to ensure no assumptions are made regarding when Wormtail rejoined Voldemort. JKR said that he salvaged Voldemort's wand while in rat form; she doesn't say when this happened.

Could it be said that once Wormtail salvaged the wand he was aligning himself with Voldemort? Dismissing the time frame surrounding Wormtail's return would make for a second "unwarranted assumption", don't you think? It matters toward the question. The Bible tells us that Jacob fought with God cf. Gen , but that did not keep him from persevering in his journey.

His love is so real, so true, so concrete, that it invites us to a relationship of openness and fruitful dialogue. Seek the closeness of our heavenly Father in the loving face of his courageous witnesses on earth! The second great truth is that Christ, out of love, sacrificed himself completely in order to save you. The same Christ who, by his cross, saved us from our sins, today continues to save and redeem us by the power of his total self-surrender.

Time and time again, he bears us on his shoulders. No one can strip us of the dignity bestowed upon us by this boundless and unfailing love. We can do any number of things against him, yet he loves us and he saves us. For only what is loved can be saved. Only what is embraced can be transformed. Yet it is precisely through our problems, frailties and flaws that he wants to write this love story.

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He embraced the prodigal son, he embraced Peter after his denials, and he always, always, always embraces us after every fall, helping us to rise and get back on our feet. His forgiveness and salvation are not something we can buy, or that we have to acquire by our own works or efforts. He forgives us and sets us free without cost.

Young people, beloved of the Lord, how valuable must you be if you were redeemed by the precious blood of Christ! You are not up for sale!

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Please, do not let yourselves be bought. Do not let yourselves be seduced. Do not let yourselves be enslaved by forms of ideological colonization that put ideas in your heads, with the result that you end up becoming slaves, addicts, failures in life. You are priceless. You must repeat this always: I am not up for sale; I do not have a price.

The Last Supper

I am free! Keep your eyes fixed on the outstretched arms of Christ crucified, let yourself be saved over and over again. And when you go to confess your sins, believe firmly in his mercy which frees you of your guilt. Contemplate his blood poured out with such great love, and let yourself be cleansed by it. In this way, you can be reborn ever anew. Finally, there is a third truth, inseparable from the second: Christ is alive!

We need to keep reminding ourselves of this, because we can risk seeing Jesus Christ simply as a fine model from the distant past, as a memory, as someone who saved us two thousand years ago. But that would be of no use to us: it would leave us unchanged, it would not set us free. The one who fills us with his grace, the one who liberates us, transforms us, heals and consoles us is someone fully alive. He is the Christ, risen from the dead, filled with supernatural life and energy, and robed in boundless light.

Alive, he can be present in your life at every moment, to fill it with light and to take away all sorrow and solitude. He fills your life with his unseen presence; wherever you go, he will be waiting there for you. Because he did not only come in the past, but he comes to you today and every day, inviting you to set out towards ever new horizons.

See Jesus as happy, overflowing with joy. Rejoice with him as with a friend who has triumphed. They killed him, the holy one, the just one, the innocent one, but he triumphed in the end. Evil does not have the last word. Nor will it have the last word in your life, for you have a friend who loves you and wants to triumph in you.

Your Saviour lives. Because he lives, there can be no doubt that goodness will have the upper hand in your life and that all our struggles will prove worthwhile. If this is the case, we can stop complaining and look to the future, for with him this is always possible. That is the certainty we have. Jesus is eternally alive. If we hold fast to him, we will have life, and be protected from the threats of death and violence that may assail us in life.

Every other solution will prove inadequate and temporary. It may be helpful for a time, but once again we will find ourselves exposed and abandoned before the storms of life. With Jesus, on the other hand, our hearts experience a security that is firmly rooted and enduring.

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If in your heart you can learn to appreciate the beauty of this message, if you are willing to encounter the Lord, if you are willing to let him love you and save you, if you can make friends with him and start to talk to him, the living Christ, about the realities of your life, then you will have a profound experience capable of sustaining your entire Christian life.

You will also be able to share that experience with other young people. Wherever the Father and the Son are, there too is the Holy Spirit.