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The Truth about Kyo's Bracelet A Fruits Basket Skit

Celebrity arrival: The pint-sized star was aided by a friend as she slid out the backseat of her family's car. As always, Honey was supported by her family members, including her Mama June and sister Lauryn Shannon. The youngster deserved to have some fun after her hard day of work selling girl scout cookies last weekend. Setting up shop in the front yard of her McIntyre home, Honey was working the crowd by holding up signs and selling boxes for people to take photos with her and her family. Doting mother: Honey's mother Mama June was there to keep an eye on her little girl.

Sisterly love: Honey's sister Lauryn Shannon also came out to support her younger sister. Honey - whose real name is Alana Thompson - joined the Girl Scouts of America earlier this month after she was admonished by the organization for not adhering to their cookie-selling rules. The organization stepped in when they discovered Honey was soliciting online orders for Girl Scout cookies despite not being a member.

The ad she and her family had posted on her official Facebook page - which has over , followers - featured the Girl Scouts logo even though they had not gotten permission to use it. While the young beauty pageant contestant was merely trying to help her best friend Destiny, who is an official Girl Scout, the organization asked her family to take the ad down. Controversy: The outspoken reality star got in trouble earlier this month when she used this promotional banner to help her best friend Destiny sell Girl Scout cookies.

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She's prepared! Share or comment on this article: Honey Boo Boo is armed with a flashlight and empty basket at Easter egg hunt e-mail. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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For real I'm Mrs Morgan' Tamzin Outhwaite, 48, isn't 'closed off to the idea of marrying again' after finding love with new beau Tom Child, Today's headlines Most Read Boris Johnson slams Extinction Rebellion's 'nose-ringed crusties in hemp-smelling bivouacs' amid fury at Could you be in the 'silent army' of women with a hidden heart complaint?

One disorder is so hard to spot Pictured: Superfit runner, 35, who collapsed and died on finish line of Cardiff Half Marathon a year after Is the pill past its sell-by date? There are now 15 types of female contraception - from a week jab to Cocaine made me a monster: He binged so much even Keith Richards took a dim view - and as Elton John reveals Elton Uncensored: Rehab? Hen-pecked Barclays executive, 51, tells murder trial he battered wife to death after she mocked his Prince Harry's polo pal Nacho Figueras says he will 'defend him with his life' against public criticism They repeat, and each show what they took - a book, comb, picture of friend, Scout 1 : OK, one last time for all the marbles!

They pass once more. Scout 1 : Hey, look at this. I got your whole wallet and look at all this money! Scout 2 : Wow, that was good. I guess you'd be the winner Three scouts lined up on their hands and knees, in a row, as bicycles. Shop Owner : Well, there we are, three brand new bicycles all set up for sale.

Customer : I'd like to buy a bicycle. Shop Owner : Certainly, go ahead and find one you like. Customer sits on the first bike and the bicycle's arms give out, falling down. Customer tries the next which is too big and the third is too small. Customer : I sure like the first one, can I try it again? Shop Owner : Just a second. Setting up bike again There you are, it's all set up again. Customer sits on it, and again it falls down.

Customer : I don't know. I really like this one but it keeps falling down. I'm afraid it's not made well enough. Shop Owner : Our bicycles are all very well made. It was just assembled this morning, but it seems to have a loose wheel. Let me get some help. The unsuspecting volunteer is chosen from the audience, who is instructed to hold one 'wheel' of the now upright bicycle - place his hand on the bicycle's elbow.

Customer : Sitting on the bike That's perfect now. What was the problem? Shop Owner : Oh, we just needed a big nut to hold it together! The 'Hero' in this skit can be anyone your group recognizes as big and strong - football star, president, cubmaster, Arnold Schwarznegger Hero is standing center stage, hands on hips, looking like he is important and in charge.

Scout : Mr. Schwarznegger, how can I become as big and strong as you?

Arnold : Hmmm, let me see. OK, I will share a secret with you. Go home and rub oil on your head every day for one week. Scout : Wow, Thank you! Now I'm even shorter than I was! Arnold : Hmmm, that's strange. Well, go home and rub oil on your head every day for 2 weeks. I'm shorter than ever! Arnold : I don't understand. Did you do what I said? Scout : Yes! Arnold : What kind of oil did you rub on your head?

Scout : Crisco Arnold : Crisco!?! That's not oil! Scout 2 : Wow! Sir, that horse is beautiful! It's lines are perfect. It looks wonderful! I would like to buy it from you!

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Scout 1 : Why you wanna buy my horse? She no looka so good. Scout 2 : Ha! That is the best looking horse I've ever seen!

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Scout 1 : But, meester, my horse no looka so good. Scout 2 : You are a shrewd bargainer, sir. Scout 1 : Hokay. The rider then walks the horse back to scout 1 Scout 2 : Hey, wait a minute! You sold me a blind horse! Scout 2 : Yes, sir. Like I told you - My horse no looka so good! Ask for four or five volunteers - new scouts that have never seen the skit are needed.

Show them only one of the prizes and say that one scout will win it - a candybar, trinket, whatever. Blindfold each person.

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Tell them this test has been used for years to determine the bravest, smartest, and toughest new members of the group. Tell them the rules are simple: no talking allowed from this point on. Tell them to remove one thing they are wearing and toss it on the ground. As soon as someone removes their blindfold, give that person a prize and silently tell them to sit.

Those that don't think to remove the blindfold will remove an item of clothing. Continue to tell them to remove something else until there is one scout left, or until someone looks like they may start to remove something indecent. If that happens, then tell everyone to stop.

Tell them to remove their blindfolds and give everyone that participated a prize. See Guess My Line skit. For example, Freshmen, Juniors, and Seniors. Or, Boys, Girls, and Adult Leaders. Or, Patrol 1, Patrol 2, Patrol 3. Scout 1 : Brains for Sale! Brains for Sale! Scout 2 : Hey, I need some brains. How much are those there? Scout 2 : No thanks, how about those? Scout 1 : Hmmm, Those are [BBB, That's a good buy! Scout 2 : Well, do you have any others?