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A girl who is a fan of Bollywood movies moves to India with her family. Holm, illus. In 19th-century England, a girl with magical powers tries to help her siblings find their true loves. A girl in 19th-century London becomes involved with a lord who is a spy working for Napoleon.

This novel about the downfall of the Russian empire is told through the perspective of the Romanov sisters. Prudence sets out to crack one of the greatest medical mysteries of the 20th century. The fortunes in cookies that a girl receives come true in unexpected ways. Rah, Rah, Radishes! This board book with flaps reveals a search for a puppy. Splish Splash! Color Play! Readers use removable patterned pieces to complete farm scenes. Wake Up! Bugs That Go! Bugs explore various ways to get around. The Tooth Fairy Loses a Tooth! What happens when the Tooth Fairy loses her tooth?

Stemple, illus. Preparing for a party, a royal pig is unaware of the messes around her. Jade has planned to have her birthday party at a water park, but her new friend is wheelchair-bound.

Bunnies try to buy a hat for their mother in this story with stickers. This tale about recycling features press-out pieces. A chicken has a pint-sized adventure. How will a boy decide which dog to choose at the animal center? Chew, Chew, Gulp! Krosoczka, reveals children devouring their favorite foods.

Mama, Why? James assures his little brother that someday he too will be able to do everything a big brother does. Mosquitoes Are Ruining My Summer! Moses is a sequel to Joseph.

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In this musical, the moon comes to earth disguised as a boy to help humans find love. A girl who is a vampire slayer falls in love with a vampire she is destined to destroy. Two sisters embark on a killing spree as they battle their own demons in this companion to Bleeding Violet. A teen discovers how far the people of her Montana town will go to keep their secrets buried. When Hailey and an unexpected partner in crime get caught breaking a big rule, she takes the fall.

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A girl born after the Shift, an event that enabled younger people to communicate with the dead, can see ghosts. Calla has long loved Duncan, but he loves her only as a friend.

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Abby is lost and confused after her older sister is in a coma-inducing accident. Vi and Jag rebel against the Thinkers, who have brainwashed the population and are recruiting Vi to become one of them. Two teens who have always felt more like friends than siblings fall in love. A girl is raped by the son of the richest and most powerful man in her small Nebraska town.

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Joining Yo Gabba Gabba! Busytown Mysteries introduces Mr. Can Duck make friends with the other barnyard animals and still find peace and quiet? Oh, How Sylvester Can Pester! A shy pig checks out How to Make Friends at the library.

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Good-Bye, Havana! Hola, New York! A Cuban girl reunites with her parents, who have relocated to the Bronx.

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In Virginia, a slave girl escapes to freedom after she overhears her master talk about trading her. A boy in 17th-century England sets off on a seafaring adventure with his pirate uncle. Annie enters a baking competition and tries to sort out her love life in this companion to The Teashop Girls. Cleopatra fends for herself in a palace rife with intrigue and murder as her sisters plot to steal the throne. Patrick Lewis, illus. A writer searches for the perfect pet to keep her company. In this musical board book, a leprechaun learns the true meaning of friendship.

Rhyming clues help children predict what animal appears on the following page. Where Do I Live? This board book reveals animal habitats. A seagull takes care of her babies. A garter snake learns to find food and protect herself from predators. Captain James Wright and his dog are caught in a storm off the coast of Nantucket. A boy discovers why he becomes super fast after a growth spurt. A teen is stranded on a desert island with five self-involved celebrities.

Comforting scenes induce kids to bid the day farewell. Dream Big, Little Pig! A pig with big dreams discovers she can be a star on ice. A boy falls in with a ragtag army of teenage resistance fighters who battle the Corpses. A boy and his dog have adventures in various imagined vehicles. Benfold Haywood. A boy in an imaginary sailboat meets different creatures.

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  • Rotten eggs destined to be decorated for Easter make a break for it. A teen copes with her unstable mother as the day spins out of control. The House of Night adds Awakened by P. Putney is a paranormal novel about a teen who must hide her extraordinary talent.