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Like his brother is actually a closet Man U supporter having picked it up by osmosis from Mark. Miss Byrne would be proud of his Shakespearean updates. Should stock up on factor forty suncreem for the summer. Torres will be remembered for the new boots he seemed to have every week, and is sure to find a deadmau5 in his closet.

Intends to spend a fair proportion of his future having his hair styled. This average student and dedicated hurler will find fame and fortune after inventing the ultimate hamstring strap, and his soon to be released range of Chino underwear.

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This easy-going Islander will be remembered for his disproportionately large ears. Will become the first president of the independent Island state of Bofin. Failing that he will settle for being their number one fan…a position we think he already occupies. This likeable pokeman trainer will be remembered for his satchel, and will someday have his own cartoon show. We see a future somewhere out there in the art world.

Nathan fell in love with school, then fell off his bike… Cheeky grinned Nathan will be remembered long and fondly for his Monday morning stories and for his ever so slight exaggeration of the truth. Will be back to us next year sporting a crash helmet. Kind natured Morgan excels when it comes to a bit of graffiti. Still reaching for the stars, he will some day achieve his ambition and reach them.

Hey Man!! Carefree Conor is always high on life itself. However, he is handy on the oul keyboards and his technological abilities should see him coast through life as some kind of a computer whizz. Bomber can be found either behind the oar of a boat or the counter of the tuck shop. His red hair will cause him trouble in the future. Controversially made it into Fifa 12 but will lightning strike twice in Fifa 13?

Our money is on Harry Goulding: The ever resilient Mr. Would give Sid in Ice Age a run for his money. Part of the ultra-cool centre back partnership on the champion senior soccer team. Graeme Walsh: Graaaaaeme is our very own Peter Crouch and possibly the biggest messer in the College. A dab hand at the auld art, and better still the graffiti, he will be distraught to see his wonderful six year old relationship with German come to an end.

Will reach great heights. MCFrisky in the tipex Kevin Derrane: This young dude should really be in fifth year or first year or something. A firm follower of the gee-gees his knowledge knows no bounds. Has also been known to swing the odd hurl in his day. Good things come in small packages! Sure to find fame as a sweetshop owner or as a locksmith!. Big-hearted Ryan will be remembered for his boyish charm.

Destined for big things , and will probably walk a long distance to get there. Dave will be oft remembered for his delicious salami sandwiches, or at least we think they were delicious as he will equally be remembered for his inability to share them! Sheri is well known for his ability at scoring goals and for fostering Keith Collins. Could do anything Will spend hours working on developing his scrawny legs in the future, then use them to carry him in and out of Uni. This excellent student is destined for a future walking the wards and cutting people up on the operating table, if he manages to stay awake.

This Meatloaf look-a-like is easily the most down to earth guy in sixth year. Intends to get a good well-paying career to help pay for shampoo. John Potter: Full time brainiac and science whizz, part-time party animal.

We foresee the magic in da leavin, and a blasht of young wans af ter war ds. Should seriously consider getting his left foot insured.

The other half of the ultra cool centre-half pair for the soccer team will either play for Chelsea or become a chronic gambler. Read the instructions wrongly for the Shave or Dye campaign and used permanent orange stuff by mistake. Commuting daily from way out at the end of the Curragh line Hendrik amazingly never togged for the school despite his goalscoring antics in PE.

This closet punk will go far in the future, watch out for him drumming or guitar plucking in a large arena. This happy-go-lucky chappy has a serious addiction Will determinedly follow his dream and produce a new brand of nasal spray.

Spud, or should that now be Tayto, has taken more late slips from the office this year than he has used pages in his refill pad. He is sure to produce his own fitness video in the years to come, probably involving dragging tyres across a field. Red will be fondly remembered for his kindness, welcoming nature and love of life. Is sure to be the next president of sickopedia, or to become a full-time insulter. Destined for a career in the Diplomatic Corps, maybe as an ambassador to the EU. Mike is a proud Ballybane man and has such pride for his home area that he is likely to become its full-time ambassador.

Or failing that, he might make a stab at being the next Ballybane parish priest and spend his time over exaggerating the Gospel.

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Will possibly earn a living by opening up his own carwash, or by becoming a sombrero salesman in Mexico. Josh is a man of few words, and very few of them are chemical! This all-Ireland champion athlete will run riot through college, studying sport somewhere. Failing that will earn a living as a sulky driver or a Mr. Nolan impersonator. What can we say? A bona fide stick-fighter who found fame after a string of no-nonsense performances at left-back for the soccer team. Likely to hold Henry Sheflin scoreless..

Will breeze through life supported by his topless groupies. Run Fahy Run! Possibly heading for a future as a fulltime Facebook follower, while studying something or other in Uni. A conservative quiet young lad who normally comes to life during study, as signalled by his quality throws and exploits at breaking wind. We reckon that he must be a long lost brother of Fr. Shovel Hands has a serious penchant for tracksuit pants, and a serious steel jaw.

Kevan kinda breezes around the place, and will go far in life wheeling and dealing. The only lad in the year to have played soccer for Ireland. He has a bright future as footballer, or as a professional gambler. Specialises in the greyhounds and will fill ya full of good tips. A serious student who will succeed wherever he goes. Intends one day to get a crest for his uniform polo-shirt then follow a career in science.

A feisty young lad who is small in stature, but big in words. Likeable Jamie will travel far, but will not end up far from Gordo and Conor B. Jamie hopes to leave school and join a hippy commune, where his laid back nature will fit right in.

Evan remains tight-lipped about his future, which is a nice change, but will end up as a stand-up comedian or a hearing aid salesman. Renowned for his quiet nature on the GAA pitches of the country, Dan was never one to point out ones failures. Will surely earn a living through donating testosterone, as he has waaaay too much! Destined to line out in the Maroon and White, and settle down with his true loves. Annaghdown and Galway!

This genuine and down to earth lad was devastated when Ms Douglas left.