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David Mertz Unfortunately, from the story it indicates that the pup is "almost blind" apparently albinism does that in seals--I know it has some lesser negative effect on vision in other species. So while it's sad for the other seals to shun it, its survival in the wild was not probable in any case. Meagan Thompson-Mann Who cares -- it's cute. And apparently it IS "albinism", not "albinoism. Bennelong Bicyclist When it comes to cute baby seals with genetic defects as well as many other issues , the key question is: "What would Putin do?

David Mertz His was one of the few ballot checkboxes I could mark with enthusiasm during my years in his district. The Daily Collegian U. October 26, at pm. David Mertz "Square by square, town by town, country by country, the people have risen up to demand their basic human rights. The United States supports a set of universal rights. And these rights include free speech, the freedom of peaceful assembly May 11, Dawn Halloran only if it doesn't disrupt the business of capitalism.

David Mertz Dawn: I really couldn't think of anything sufficiently pithy and piquant to express the fullness of irony and hypocrisy in the quote, unfortunately Dawn Halloran watching oakland last night killed my pith and pique. Bennelong Bicyclist David Mertz The headline is technically wrong: the difference at issue is in acquired epigenetic markers, which affect gene expression and hence health and functioning but not the underlying codons.

October 26, at am. Bennelong Bicyclist Scarred for life. David Mertz occupytheurl. Gnosis Software Homepage The marketplace of ideas is an exciting place to be, but frankly, we have overbought from our supplier. Our loss can be your gain however! Give us your invisible hand with our extra supplies so that we can continue to offer you the finest intellectual merchandise at reasonable rates.

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If inform October 25, at pm. October 23, at pm. David Mertz 6 new photos Mobile Uploads October 22, at pm. Rachel Maddow tore into Governor Mitt Romney last night and took her criticism of the GOP candidate and, really, all men in politics who have debated issues relating to uteri to new heights on her Thursday show.

October 21, at am.

Hokkien Theatre Across The Seas

Meagan Thompson-Mann I'd only heard the audio for this. With video it's even more awesome. October 24, at pm. Fits me to a tee. Wall Photos October 20, at pm. Simma Park elegant, peaceful, glove. I think these are all wrong. October 20, at pm.

David Mertz Simma: you need four somehow I read it as three initially also, and had to go back for the last one October 20, at pm. Simma Park patient.

PETER LAWRENCE (AUTHOR/SCREENWRITER), Kathleen Marsh (Actress ) PHOTO - £ | PicClick UK

That's wrong, too, LOL. Anne Boyd Glove, drama, insecure, sweet. David Mertz Anne Anne Boyd Restrain yourself, Beardo. Simma Park Perhaps mine are about what I should strive to be. Except a glove. That's just weird. Anne Boyd glove is all you need October 20, at pm. Bennelong Bicyclist harm, rage, political, Tim October 20, at pm. Christina Wilson stubborn, sweet, reserved, compassion. Steve Holden Happyl peaceful patient serve October 21, at am. Stephanie Brown "uul" October 21, at am.

Rebecca Deighan Peace, patient, naive, sweet October 21, at am. George Clooney seems to have attended the David Mamet school of dramaturgy: Take a compelling group of actors whose characters are in a situation inherently full of intrigue and complex conflict. Finally, let the audience spend the last half-hour shaking their heads in annoyance at the intrusion of the capriciously artificial central element of an otherwise seamless plot.

Bennelong Bicyclist Nano-review: beware! Bennelong Bicyclist Reading this and other reviews of it makes me want to buy and re-watch the DVDs of the superb BBC series "Party Animals" - it was fab, and minus the formulaic and gratuitous Hollywood thriller elements which apparently mar Clooney's effort. David Mertz My friend Tony A. Scott writes of the film: "It makes its points carefully and unimpeachably but does not bring much in the way of insight or risk.

Powerful men often treat women as sexual playthings. Reporters do not always get things right. Politicians sometimes lie. David Mertz Thanks Lindsay Meagan Thompson-Mann I apologize for not watching your news feed like a hawk and for accidentally replicating posts. Work seriously gets in the way of Facebook. October 20, at am. It seems to have gone missing. Meagan Thompson-Mann I did. No point in duplication, even when it comes to the dreamy Mr Smooth.

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  • David Mertz Democracy must be imposed with an iron fist! October 19, at pm.

    Bennelong Bicyclist I'll drink to that! JPG October 19, at pm. David Mertz Daily epitaph: He has transformed from the time domain to the frequency domain. Scott Singer I think it would be better to have transformed from the spatial domain to the frequency domain. But at least we know it was fast. Bennelong Bicyclist DM: so you're now homonymously spectral? October 19, at am. Jack Red Diederich Same comment here as elsewhere. This is bullshit posturing; worse it is feel good posturing. Fresh from DC, the civil rights activist swooped in just before midnight and appears to October 18, at am.

    October 18, at pm. David Mertz BB: Nope, never watched it. But I do know that it is some sort of "reality" show where they stick a bunch of assholes in the same house as roommates and hope they fight about something Bennelong Bicyclist Metamertz: in that case, you'll need to ask MTM to explain my quip to you, when she has finished with her fluffy duvet. October 17, at pm.

    Dawn Halloran awesome October 17, at pm.

    Fictions of History in Deng’s China, 1979-1997

    Analytic Distinction? Mary Ann Sushinsky Or is it Dr. I, amnesiac girl, can't seem to remember, remember, remember. Mary Ann Sushinsky Is their library as good as ours?