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Until the thread, color patterns and motives are affected. The regeneration process is a tough challenge nowadays. Girls begin to abandon weaving activities when they are required to focus on school. The anxiety over the premium woven fabrics in particular with more complicated techniques and a long process has declined youngster to actively participating in weaving activities. During my work visits to the village, when I find young weavers, I will pay special attention, so that they will be more motivated.

Grey stories woven in colourful threads

Improving the family economy is the goal of weaving activities in Belu beside preserving the weaving culture. As the chairman of Dekranasda Belu, I continue to strive for how marketing becomes more open. By continuing to take the opportunity in exhibitions in the regions, nationally and internationally, it makes people aware and knows more about Belu cloth. From the uniqueness, beauty, philosophy, regeneration, and process of making handmade and environmentally friendly coloring, I brought Mandeu woven fabric to the World Craft Council WCC competition and won an Award.

This award is dedicated to weavers, artists and previous generations inherited cultural wealth.

A Story Woven of Thread

During the Indonesian Festival in Moscow in August , we were given the opportunity to take part in the Fashion Show with ethnic themes. I brought a special design with Belu weaving themes. Collaboration with several Indonesian national designers, bringing Belu weaving for fashion shows abroad. Among them are Japan, Vietnam, and Germany. To increase the capacity of weavers and artisans, we, the Dekranasda Belu bridge institutions private and corporates that have social responsibility programs such as Bank Indonesia, granting a magnificent weaving gallery, the NTT Bank provides training funding, and the minister of economic creative provides sewing machines to young women who will complete sewing courses.

Woven Stories

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Close Menu. Ceremonies for all occasions. It's truly an honour to hold your stories and help you create authentic, meaningful ceremony. Let me tell you about how my journey led me to this work. Ready to explore your ceremony needs? I offer a free 30 minute video chat to start our process.

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Woven Threads is an 8 episode x 4-minute series , which through beautiful and powerful animations presents many varied and moving stories of refugees. The animations are designed to elicit empathy and understanding so that for a few minutes it is the human and not the refugee experience that is central. By finding this common ground, maybe, for a few minutes, the debates, disputes and fears surrounding migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers might be suspended and replaced by empathy.

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  7. Woven Threads. Synopsis Woven Threads is an 8 episode x 4-minute series , which through beautiful and powerful animations presents many varied and moving stories of refugees.

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    In , Marti and her family fled Budapest. This is the story of their escape. Kabil, a Mandean, lived with his wife and six children in Baghdad.