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Will Alsop - Public Consultation

This approach has been described as less a matter of design per se and more a matter of living, i. His buildings have been described as the product of an imagination that takes the insights and intuitions of the artist into the complex and unpredictable world in which we live. Alsop is perhaps best known in the UK for his awarding winning Peckham Library in London, while across the ocean he has been limited to only a handful of buildings, with his Sharp Centre of Design being his most well received.

Will Alsop — The Noise is one of less than a dozen books on the architect subject, who spends his days much like Le Corbusier — painting in the mornings and practicing architecture in the afternoon. In much the same way, his provocative architectural style has always been on the verge of what is being built.

Can there ever be another Will Alsop?

This was the question that stared the same smart aleck back in the face the night I heard Alsop speak back in He has been called Mr. Blobby by some, and painted as a black sheep by the press and architectural community.

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Yet, every generation of architecture needs someone like him, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, and poking back at a profession that can at times be stultifying and dull. Such is the spirit in which the late Mr.

The playful world of Will Alsop.

Divided into two sections, the first five chapters more or less approximate the design journey from the blank page to a finished building— Genesis, Consultation, Origination, Experimentation, Collaboration —while the final four feature his master planning schemes Big Architecture , his realized buildings Diversity , doing nothing Contemplation , with the final chapter a series of aphorisms as edited by Porter Reflections , overall resulting in the most comprehensive cross-section of the architect to date. While his larger master plans verge at times on being overly whimsical and fantastic with a hint of Archigram in the mix , his playfulness is undeniable.

Will Alsop

Perhaps it is this which distinguishes him most from his more serious counterparts. Moving from public consultation to the privacy of his painting studio — here ideas are born in the liquidity of paint, the serendipity of collage and the flourish of line, resulting in the avant-garde and vibrant designs that Alsop is particularly well known for. Whether the world approves of these designs or not, does not devalue the creative and artistic process which produces so rich, varied, challenging and inspirational outcomes.

Focusing on the refreshing process of design with which Will Alsop engages, Tom Porter reveals and traces the process, from public consultation to private studio, from paint to line to model, and in doing so uncovers a treasure trove of ideas for transforming the process of architectural design.

Whether a working architect or a student embarking on the first steps towards creating your own design process, this book offers an insight and example into how engaging with the public, before painting the way into architecture, can offer the most stimulating solutions. Search all titles.

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